Our Mission:


DFLers are people who believe in:
The right of workers to organize.
Access to health care.
Quality public education.
A living wage.
Affordable college tuition.
A clean and safe environment.
Progressive taxation based on the ability to pay.
Involvement and access for all people in the political process.
Separation of church and state.
Equal opportunity for all citizens.

Let’s stand together, united against bigotry in all its many guises!

Bigotry and racism have no home here in our community, in our city, in our state, in our country, nor anywhere. We in the SD7 DFL will never support the spreading of racism or recruitment into bigotry. We call on everyone in our community to report hate crimes and to stand together in love against racism, against white-supremacy, against homophobia and transphobia, against disablism, against anti-Semitism , against Islamophobia, against religiously motivated hatred, and against bigotry of all varieties. We will continue working to build a welcoming, safe community for people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religious or non-religious backgrounds. The SD7 DFL stands together, united against bigotry in all its many guises.


DFL Platform & Action Agenda

Ever wondered if there were some guiding principles for the Democractic- Farmer- Labor party?  There are and they are beautiful! This document is part of the platform, known as the Ongoing Platform. These statements embody the beliefs and principles of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, and consist of statements of support or opposition with regard to particular policies. Each of these items has received at least a 60% affirmative vote at a State Convention of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The categories are arranged alphabetically, and the ordering of the points does not reflect rank or priority.

Attendees at DFL precinct caucuses begin the process of building the Action Agenda by introducing resolutions at the biennial precinct caucuses. Each of the items in the Action Agenda has received a minimum 60% affirmative vote at a DFL State Convention. The State Convention may approve up to 100 items to include in the Action Agenda. If more than 100 items receive the required 60% approval, the 100 items that received the most votes are included in the Action Agenda.

Ongoing Platform Sample


The family farm is the keystone of our society and must be preserved. 

Natural Resources & Development

We believe in leaving the world in better condition than we found it. 

Civil, Human & Constitutional rights

We recognize that when the rights of any citizen are threatened, the rights of all are endangered. We therefore pledge to preserve our constitutional and civil rights. 


We believe a vigorous and universally available system of public education is basic to a productive, democratic society. 

government accountability to the public

We pledge to ensure the political rights of all citizens through fair elections and responsible government. 


We believe in safe, sustainable and secure energy sources that offer coming generations access to fuels and power. 


Congratulations MN House of Representative Liz Olson!!!!

RELEASE: Rep. Liz Olson elected House Majority Whip

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Thursday night, members of the Minnesota House DFL Caucus elected Rep. Liz Olson (DFL – Duluth) as Majority Whip for the 2019-2020 legislative session. As Majority Whip, Rep. Olson will assist the leadership team in advocating for policies which improve the lives of Minnesotans on the House Floor, in the media, and across the state.

“I’m grateful to my colleagues for entrusting me with this responsibility as together, we work to make sure all Minnesotans have the opportunity to succeed and thrive,” Rep. Olson said. “Everyone, in every community, deserves affordable and accessible health care, quality schools, and good jobs with fair pay and benefits. DFLers are committed to delivering on these, and I look forward to January when we can get started on this important work.”

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Take Action!


We need you!

The Presidential Election in 2020 will be here before we know it and we have some work to do to prepare for it!  Join fellow DFL’ers throughout the state in ensuring that the DFL platform will be lifted and the issues that are important to many Minnesotans are represented! How can you do that? Get involved! Join a DFL Caucus that focuses on what’s important to you. Bring a friend! Share your ideas and thoughts on what’s possible for our country with elected officials and community. Change needs Change Makers! Run for office or inspire others to do so. Volunteer! It’s fun! You get to build community with people that share your passion for change, integrity, equanimity, and sustainable progress. Let’s continue building a positive momentum in support of healthy and thriving communities now that will move us towards a successful outcome in 2020! 


Join a DFL Caucus

There are some amazing groups of people gathering to make a difference within specific focus areas within the DFL. Bet you can find one that resonates with your interests and passions. Check them out!

Volunteer opportunities

Maybe you have an hour. Maybe you have four hours. As busy people, we understand the need to be flexible. The "Power of and by the People" is the foundation for the DFL party. We don't exist without it.  If you find yourself needing to feel hopeful again regarding the future of this nation- volunteer! It's a great way to transform worry or fear into positive action. Coming together with others to create change is a powerful experience. 

Make a Donation

Please support us in our commitment to keep powering this movement with financial support from the people. Thank you!!!